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About Alkanz

Over the last 25 years Al Kanz has established itself as one of the key players in the real estate industry. It has a proven track record of innovation-driven and standard-setting developments spanning the full spectrum of property market.

Our primary business is development of Residential properties, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. Our innovative designs setups apart from the competition and allows us to offer clients the widest array of property choices. Our operations span across various aspects of real estate development, such as land identification and acquisition, project planning, designing, Project Development, Property Management and Project sales and marketing.

Al Kanz Group offers state-of-the-art property investment and builder portfolio with the highest standards equipped with all the modern infrastructure and facilities.

The Group's core business activity of property development is also supported by various other diversified businesses like Hotels, Carpet Manufacturing, Transportation and Textile Industries.

Our Group Of Companies.
bullet Al Kanz Real Estate Investment LLC.Ajman
bullet Al Kanz Building Contracting LLC. Ajman
bullet Al Kanz Real Estate Brokers. Dubai
bullet Al Kanz Capital Treasure Contracting LLC. Dubai
bullet Midex Real Estate Investment Dubai
bullet Al Kanz Transportations. Dubai
bullet Alkanz Textile. Sharjah
bullet Emaraat Hotel. Peshawar
bullet Al Kanz Carpet Manufacturing. Peshawar
bullet Al kanz Construction and Investment. Islamabad
Our Services
  1. Freehold Property Sales.
    Our sales divisions have been specialized in Developing and selling of properties and providing lucrative investments offerings backed by our extensive experienced market information knowledge with unmatched quality service.
  2. Freehold Property Rentals /Leasing.
    Our Leasing agents on the other hand are active in leasing all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Offering properties that cater for budget housing, shoppers to luxury seekers, our listings include furnished/unfurnished, city apartments and beachside villas all available through one source.
  3. Property Development and Investments.
    All our development projects are research based ventures to capitalize on demand-supply imbalances structured to offer multiple exit strategies. We provide unique development projects by providing opportunities to our existing and new clients to ensure fruitful returns of their real estate investments.
  4. Consulting services
    Through our realistic and experienced fact based studies that enable us to offer our clients to maximize their returns on their valued investment. We provide various consulting services such as:
    bullet Project Feasibility.
    bullet Land Purchase and Accusation.
    bullet Market Research and Analysis.
    bullet Project Development.
    bullet Project constructions.
    bullet Project Sales and Marketing.
    bullet Property Management.
Our Mission
To establish Al Kanz Real Estate Company as the market leader with strong global Presence with complete customer satisfaction. Our goal is to continue to grow with product quality and establish ourselves as a leading affordable and quality property development company with a consistent reputation for the quality of our work and relationships built on trust and mutual respect with our clients.

Khial Zaman Orakzai – Our Visionary Chairman has been a leading figure in the UAE and Pakistan property market for the past 25 years and is the driving force behind Al Kanz Group.

The combined strength of professional ethics and abilities makes Khial Zaman Orakzai one of the most knowledgeable, and trusted business man in construction industry with an experience of over 200 projects completed.

At Al Kanz Group, our professional and experienced staff will assist A to Z Property Requirement i.e. Residential and Commercial Free hold property development through a unique combination of in-depth research, real estate strategy, concept design, architectural services and our team offers a complete one stop real estate solution.

Chairman Message
We believe that Customers need products that go beyond their expectations in terms of the pricing, quality and timely delivery. I am pleased with my dedicated team of professionals who have focused on their goals and objectives, enabling them to deliver the right products at the right time with customer satisfactions.
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